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Fluid Flow Ltd (known as The Fluid Group) was founded in 2005. We are specialists in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for Water, Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

Based in The Oxford Science Park we have local access to some of the best technology in the country. Our location also enables us grow alongside similar technology businesses located nearby.


Directions to the office here

We are experts in 3D modelling and have extensive experience in:

  > 3D flow distribution (gas or liquid), 
  > anoxic/anaerobic/aerated zone optimisation, 
  > clarifier design, flotation and solids separation, 
  > contact tanks and mixing vessels,
  > reservoir design, 
  > digester mixing, 
  > pumping station design,
  > optimising chemical and treatment efficiency;
  > new product design.

Why not call us on 0845 055 8571 today?

Dr Jim Wicks
Dr Jim Wicks
Managing Director

Jim has a PhD in Physics (Clarendon Laboratory & Lincoln College, Oxford) and is a former Research Fellow at University College London (UCL), University of Kent, the University of Cambridge, and the Department of Materials in Oxford. He has an extensive background in multiphase simulation, and after running the Anglian Water Modelling team for six years, founded The Fluid Group in 2005.


He has focussed extensively on the combination of simulation techniques: ASM (activated sludge modelling) with fluid mechanics, solids transport in magnetic fields, and plasma physics with liquid modelling. He works regularly in the areas of industrial mixing and separation, fluid structure interaction, non-Newtonian systems and water resource recovery (water treatment and disinfection).

Jim is a founding member of the CFD Working Group for the International Water Association; a current member of the UKRI (EPSRC) Associate College, a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) Core Panel Member, and was Vice Chair of the recent panel for the UK's next-generation, Exascale high performance computing project (ExCALIBUR).

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